We help you understand the path to High Performance Tennis

Your biggest Challenges

You are starting to compete or you have been competing for a while but every “next step you take” is new for you. You are not sure if the energy and resources you are investing, are being well invested and if they will get you closer to your objective.
You might not know which one is the right goal for you.

What it takes

Have you ever felt stuck, frustrated or just plain helpless when it comes to your tennis? You might think you are training hard but your performance does not match your expectations, so you start doubting yourself and your process.
You see other players doing relatively the same as you but getting better results and you start to question if that will ever happen to you.
These thoughts and feelings become your limitation and you will need a clearer path if you want to see a change in your present and of course, in your future.

The cost of inaction

You might think if you just keep training and luck changes, you are going to perform better. However, normally things don’t tend to turn out that way.
The price of not changing your approach could eventually bring more insecurity and frustration and finally loss of motivation.

The solution

The SPORTmind Community can provide insight and support for your biggest challenges.

The 3 Pillars

The Library offers thoughts on relevant topics for the healthy development of high performance. As a young tennis player, you will have access to resources that will help you create your personal Roadmap. However you have access to the entire library 24/7.
The forums are the bloodline of the SPORTmind community. This is where you ask questions, post updates, read and comment respectfully and with attention on other members posts. Forums are a great way to attain focus knowledge on the topics that matter most to you.
Every month, we schedule live brainstorming calls with Tonio. At these live video calls, you are welcome to ask questions,provide feedback or simply show up. The community is your brainstorming team, helping you with your developmental questions or concerns.

The Coach

After retiring from the pro circuit, he started his coaching career focusing on the human inside of the tennis player. In his 20 plus years as a coach, he spent 15 years as Director of Tennis at one of the most prestigious clubs in Germany. After that he created SPORTmind© where he aspired to develop players from the inside out. He also had the privilege of coaching Steffi Graf, as well as working to develop the maximum potential of many promising juniors. Recently, Jose Antonio was selected to act as Official Agent for the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar.

The Benefits

Join Tonio for a monthly live video brainstorming

Ask any questions and participate in the Community forum

Connect with other like-minded tennis players

Reduce the stress of having to figure out everything on your own

Access our growing library of video training

Stay motivated for the long run to achieve your personal objectives

My mission is simple: To Change Tennis one player at a time…